Forced Physics DCT provides an innovative data center cooling solution utilizing patented JouleForce™ Technology. This revolution reduces energy for server cooling by over 90% without the use of liquids, server fans, A/C’s, and cooling towers. Forced Physics DCT is defining the future of data center cooling while dramatically reducing carbon emissions and water usage of the industry.

Well-protected with over 30 patents granted globally.


JouleForce Technology was discovered by our CEO, Scott Davis, during his search for an inexpensive refrigeration technology. Once initial patents were awarded, Scott received a grant from the Army Research Laboratory and space in their Adelphi Laboratory Center to further research his hypothesis. From the Army Research Laboratory, Scott Davis, along with David Binger, CTO, went on to develop a prototype design at the MEMS and Nanotechnology Exchange, a Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) program.

Years of research and development resulted in the MicroConductor product line. Air molecules are organized to create an accelerated molecular beam - controlling the angle and departure speed of the molecules. This results in highly-effective transfer of heat into the air stream providing the first real innovation in data center cooling technology in decades.

The MicroConductor is from a long line of prototypes