Implementing JouleForceā„¢ Technology

The Forced Physics DCT System

JouleForce Technology is the basis of the Conductor product line. The JouleForce MicroConductor is designed to replace heatsinks in any IT equipment: CPUs, GPUs, VRs, DIMMs, SSDs, NICs, etc. allowing customers to continue to utilize their preferred processors and servers. Patented fin geometry inside the MicroConductor transfers heat to the air extremely efficiently cutting thermal resistance in half. Server fans and associated controls are no longer needed with only downstream blowers required to move filtered ambient air through racks.


A Better Heatsink for a Better World

Twice as much cooling with the same amount of air

Flexible Architecture

Customers choose their IT - No change in IT cost

Downstream blowers move filtered air through racks

Lower thermal resistance is better

How it Scales

AirModule design by H.F. Lenz Company

• Standard Racks - 36 shown

• Highly reliable - only 3 moving parts (downstream blowers)

• Greater density: 1.8 MW+

• Robust - Works in any climate

• Quicker to deploy - designed for offsite modular builds

Perfect for Edge Deployments


• Operates in any climate with mPUE of 1.02 or lower

• High density (example shows 84kW cooling)

• Extremely durable (1 or 2 moving parts)

• Fits inside an ISO shipping container

• Built on a skid for easy transport

• Very quiet (58 dB at outlet)

• Requires no water, refrigerants, A/C, or server fans

• Provides over 90% savings in cooling energy needs


Drop Drop Drop Drop Drop
no chiller plant
no plumbing
No Water
no refrigerant
no evaporation
high power density
Cuts Costs
40% on CapEx, 40% on OpEx
IT costs unchanged
2% cooling overhead
in any climate