A Revolution in Data Center Cooling

Innovative server cooling that is low cost, water free, and green

Forced Physics DCT offers an innovative data center cooling solution utilizing patented JouleForce Technology™. This scientific breakthrough provides simple and efficient cooling without the use of liquid or need to cool inlet rack air. Customers save over 40% in both CapEx and OpEX by eliminating water/liquid, A/C’s, server fans, and cooling towers. Scalable, quicker to deploy, and more reliable, it can operate in any climate while reducing cooling energy by over 90%. How do we do it? It’s Physics!

The JouleForce MicroConductor
Animation by Pensar


Drop Drop Drop Drop Drop
no chiller plant
no plumbing
No Water
no refrigerant
no evaporation
high power density
Cuts Costs
40% on CapEx, 40% on OpEx
IT costs unchanged
2% cooling overhead
in any climate

JouleForce™ Technology

JouleForce Technology is based upon a previously unexploited principle of Physics which utilizes air to create an accelerated molecular beam. The result is heat removal so effective that processors become cooled without the need to chill inlet rack air. Server fans and water/liquid are eliminated.

The newest application of our patented fin structure is the MicroConductor. Placed directly over processors on the PCB, the MicroConductor eliminates the need for heat sinks, server fans, and liquid. Robust and scalable, JouleForce Technology can be implemented in new builds, retrofits, and edge/modular data centers.

MicroConductors mounted on a PCB

Global Sustainability Impact

Drop Drop Drop Drop Drop
mPUE = 1.02
no server fans
no evaporation
no consumption
reduce CO2
data centers